Mercerized cotton yarns & sewing threads
polyester sewing threads


CTEX Cometex is an emerging and modern textile industry based in Alexandria (EG) which roots its origin in the solid ground of an italian family group at its 4th generation in the textile and fashion industry. Cometex rapresents the perfect bridge between the Italian tradition in Fashion and the Egyptian tradition in Textile: the 'Made by Italy' and the 'Egyptian Cotton', two icons that are perfectly matched and blended in Cometex' identity.


CTEX Passion is the basic element of each single activity in Cometex, inspiring and driving every choice, every action and every thing, starting from the minds and hearts of its founders 5 years ago. Passion for our work and passion for our products: simply delivering the highest possible Quality in terms of cotton and polyester yarns. Starting from longlasting historical relations with the best and most well-known spinning mills, first of all within Egypt, our biggest sourcing market-place by far for cotton yarns, we constantly research and scout the top quality yarns all around the world, taking advantage of our strategic geo-location.


CTEX Specialization is the philosophy inspiring Cometex and its founders since the beginning.
Specialized are the (italian and european) experts who leads the mercerization and the dye departments, including the color and technical laboratories, the gassing, the twisting, the reeling, the hank-to-cone and the final winding departments.
Specialized are the italian and swiss technologies and machineries used in all Cometex' departments: the mercerization machines, the hank-dying machines, the cone dying machines, the reeling machines, the hank-to-cone machines, the winding and the sewing-thread spooling machine
CTEXSpecialized is the work-force processing all the steps in production: in fact Egypt is not only providing to Cometex its first-class cotton fibers, but egyptian are also the skilled and specialized managers and workers who are daily processing all the yarns finished by Cometex. Spinning mills, knitting companies, weavers, garment makers, dye and finishing companies are the “gyms” where Cometex' work-force acquired their specific expertieses in handling and processing cotton and polyester yarns. Cometex grants that only the most skilled, talented and overall committed persons join its teams, at every level and in every department it may be.
Specialized are finally the yarn selections that are included in Cometex range of products:

  • - mercerized gased, carded, combed and/or compact cotton yarns for all the applications
  • - direct, reactive and indanthtrene cone and hank-dyeing
  • - soft cones winding
  • - polyester sewing threads
  • - mercerized & bleatched cotton sewing threads


CTEX ISOCertification is a must in the modern textile sector and Cometex obtained its Oekotex 100 class 1 certification within its first year of incorporation and for ALL its range of products, being them polyester sewing threads or cotton mercerized yarn for hoisery or knitting. The following year Cometex' Quality System was officially recognized and certified according the ISO 9001. Furthermore, sourcing the biggest part of its raw material in Egypt, Cometex is deliverying most of the time its yarns with an EUR1 certificate, rapresenting an additional advantage for its customer.


Localization is only the last-listed competitive advantage of Cometex: located in the oldest Industrial zone of Alexandria in the noth-west side of the Delta in Egypt, under the prestigious and effective managment of the G.A.F.I. Authority, Cometex rapresents the perfect bridge between the South and the North, the East and the West: as a metter of fact it is equally next to the final high-end west markets and the east and middle-est competitive sourcing markets, offering its logistic proximity and its cost effectiveness as a strategic advantage to its esteemed customers, wherever they are.